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Emergency Roof Repairs Austin | Quick Response Emergency Roofing

Weather can be really unpredictable in Texas and sometimes homeowners can get hit with unexpected storms with damaging winds or damaging precipitation like hail damage.  R&L Roofing Specialties is ready to respond to your emergency roof repair needs in a timely fashion.  We understand that an emergency roof repair involving water can lead to more damage in your home so we make sure to handle each emergency roofing call with speed and professionalism.  Our emergency roofing contractors are experienced with the insurance claim process & are there to help you through the process step by step if needed.  We want to make sure that you are informed and understand your options during the process. At R&L Roofing Specialties, our roofers are always ready to begin the roofing repair at a moment's notice.  Our roofing contractors have the experience to handle any type of roofing style and are equipped and ready to get things handled in a quick and professional manner. In the case of a roofing emergency, make sure you remember these three points
  • Don't go up on the roof yourself: A damaged roof is a dangerous environment, and you should let a professional be the first to check it out
  • Cover the interior: Using plastic sheeting will protect the interior of your home and help prevent leaks
  • Inspect the roof visually: From the ground, take a visual inspection of your roof to note debris and possible damage

Austin Roof Repairs | Roof Repair Experts for all Styles of Roof

 R&L Roofing Specialties has over 30 years experience as Austin Roof Repairs Specialists. When it comes to home repairs, roof repairs should be on the top of the list. A roof is main component that keeps your home interior warm and dry and protects it from weather elements. Ignoring situations that would require roof repairs will eventually lead into a more expensive outcome, such as requiring a whole new roof installation. If you notice damages or signs of wear on your roof, you should immediately find a local trustworthy roofing contractor to come out and conduct a roof inspection to determine the severity of the roof repairs needed. There are various repairs your roof might need, and it's important to keep an eye out for them and have roof repairs completed as quickly as possible.

Common Roof Repairs signs to look for:
  • discoloration in roof
  • loose shingles
  • signs of moisture
  • Damaged Shingles
  • Sagging Roof Deck
  • Algae Growth
  • Clogged Gutters
  • roof leaks
  • roof flashing

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Affordable Roof Repairs Austin

The idea of calling a roofing company to come out for a roof repair may seem like a task to a homeowner, but trust me it is most the time a decision that will end up saving you alot of money and headache. Our roofing contractors have experience handling roof repairs on all types and styles of roofs in Austin. They will look at the severity of the damage to your roof, type of damage, and they take into account the type of roofing material to decide what the best options for a homeowner are. The project can have varying levels of difficulty depending on the type of roof and the severity of invisible damage to your roof & roofing structure. It can be as easy as patching areas of your roof to having to replace areas or the whole roof of a home depending on if the damage was caused in result of poor installation by your first roofing company. We understand that roof repairs alot of time are unexpected and the budget just may not be there so we approach each situation with multiple options to keep the costs within budget. We always make sure to look into manufacturer’s warranty or other insurance that may cover repairs for a homeowner if any. We can help you figure out the finances associated with your project in order to help you protect your home, family, and keep it within your financial limits. 

Common Roof Repair Problems in Austin:

  • Leaks – Water could be leaking into your home, dripping from walls or the ceilings. You can also have a leak if you notice stains on your ceilings. Your skylight could also be leaking into your home. You might not know exactly where the leak is coming from, but that’s why you call a contractor. We have the expertise to locate and fix the leak.
  • Broken Shingles – You could notice that you have cracked or missing shingles on your roof. Asphalt shingles can lose some of their gravel coating over time. Shingles can also curl depending on what material they’re made out of. Metal shingles can develop a chalky residue.
  • Rust – You might notice that you have rusty flashing, gutter guards, or vents. You can have rust spots. If you have rust, it’s important to have a contractor come and fix the problem sooner rather than later to prevent any bigger problem the corrosion could cause
  • Water Damage – If you have a problem with standing water weighing down on your roof, you might need to fix it to keep leaks from happening. If water doesn’t dry on your roof after a few days, you really should call us.
  • Other Weather Damage – If you have experienced a natural disaster, such as a tornado or the recent hailstorm, you might have had some damage. A branch may have fallen on your roof or hail may have deteriorated the roof enough to give you a good leak. If you’ve recently had a storm with high winds or bad hail, you might want to get an inspection regardless of whether or not you see a problem. Sometimes there are problems that you can’t see, and it’s important to get these fixed before they become major problems.

Most Common Areas for Roof Repairs

some of the most common areas where you will find roof leaks
  • soffit
  • fascia
  • roof vents
  • gutters
  • shingles
  • chimney flashing
  • roof valleys
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