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Protecting Your Roof

In an effort for sustainability, roof coatings are a multi-purpose way to preserve your roof and the environment. Roof coatings are a paint like fluid with rubber-like properties that are applied directly to roofing membranes. If you are considering roof coating services, speak with our roof repair experts at R&L Roofing Specialties to schedule a free quote regarding this service.

Roof coatings are often used to:

  • Extend roof life: Aging roofs can have a covering applied to them in order to prevent damage and extend their overall lifespan.
  • Reduce energy consumption: The reflective nature of some coatings can help reflect sunlight and reduce your overall utility cost.
  • Aesthetic improvements: If you no longer enjoy the color of your roof or notice that your aging roof is starting to show its age, we offer a variety of color coating services.

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